03.05. blvze (1)

Small room, big vibes – BLVZE is taking over The Loft’s Wohnzimmer with 3 extraordinary guests and 2 birthday kids inside:  CHEEKYMANN (Toolbox / UK)…/mix-collection-vol-2-cheekymann…  PHARMA (Duploc, Foundation Audio / AT)  THAO (Algorithm Girls / AT) support by blvze gvng:  B.RANKS, P.TAH & ____________________________ Entry: 10,- regular /7,- for BLVZE members:

BLVZE w/Ila Brugal (UK)

02.02. blvze

♞ BLVZE presents: ILA BRUGAL (Rinse FM / UK) ♞ 2.2.24 BLVZE @ The Loft Ila Brugal has been carving out a name for herself in the UK scene, building a solid following while playing prolific parties across the UK and Europe. Her nimble blends and hefty selections pack more than a punch, and this […]