Attack! From Planet Flores 90ies Club 2000s Club 90ies Club 2000s Club 90ies Club Ice Ice Baby 2000s Club Glowstick Special 90ies Club Season Opening 2000s Club Season Opening 90ies & 2000s Single Party <3 2000s Club: Live: SOULJUZ 2000s Club mit HipHop.floor hosted by The Brofessionals 2000s Club mit Lorbeeren DJ-Set 2000s Club 2000s Club mit Kreisky DJ-Set! 2000s Club: 10 Jahre Porto Cervo Fashion Clubbing 90ies Club: März mit Herz! 2000s Club 2000s Club mit HIPHOP.floor Step To Tek XXXL – 1 Year Special 90ies Club: Faschingsball! 2000s Club mit Bitten By DJ Set 90ies Club mit HIPHOP.floor / Aaliyah Special 2000s Club mit HIPHOP.floor 90ies Club: Party like it's 1999! 2000s Club mit MICKEY DJ-Set 90ies & 2000s SINGLE Party <3 2010s Club & POWER DISCO ϟ Christmas Ball Schmelz Xmas Fest 90ies Club: A Sailor Moon Christmas 2010s Club & Power Disco Biofest 15 Jahre 90ies Club 2000s Club mit Pauls Jets DJ-Set IX Jahre The Loft Korruptions Halloween Party Gürtel Connection 6 2010s Club & Power Disco 90ies Club Main Meets Trash #PartyFever 2000s Club 2010s Club & Power Disco 90ies Club: Loft Season Opening! 2000s Club mit Please Madame DJ-Set! 2000s Club 2010s Club vs. POWER DISCO 90ies Club: Season Finale! 2000s Club mit LIVE: The Kings & Queens of Tomorrow! 5 Jahre Stille Post 2010s Club w/ Noisey - Mai